Free Event Landing Page Template

Here’s a free event landing page template you can reuse and modify as much as you like. Long story short we needed to put together a simple event landing page. There’s a lot of cheap templates out there but everything we looked at was just way too fancy. A lot of animations and style that we[…]

Encapsulating Your UI Test Automation

The Telerik Testing Framework and Selenium are two choices for test automation of web apps. If you’re wondering which one is right for you check out my article on the subject. Once you pick a framework you’ll figure out how to get elements and click them, set their text content etc. That’s the easy part.[…]

Unity Workshop Stockholm

The beginners Unity Workshop Stockholm ended with many awesome, fully playable games. Agenda and additional info can be found on the event landing page. The week after our Unity Workshop Sofia we traveled to Sweden. We led another Unity workshop in Stockholm over the weekend of January 23 – 24, 2016. Around 30 attendees learned how easy it is[…]

Unity Workshop Sofia

Agenda and additional info for Unity Workshop Sofia can be found on the event landing page. Slash Stars sponsored and led a beginners Unity workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over the course of two evening sessions and one full Saturday some 50 attendees learned about making games with Unity. It’s no secret that the Slash Stars team likes[…]

Telerik Testing Framework

Telerik Testing Framework vs Selenium

Telerik Inc. is the company behind the popular KendoUI JavaScript widgets and they make some other stuff as well. The Telerik Testing Framework is among their less known offerings. It’s a UI automation framework for web applications i.e. you get an API that allows you execute actions within a browser instance (e.g. clicking on a[…]