Free Event Landing Page Template

Here’s a free event landing page template you can reuse and modify as much as you like.

free event landing page

Long story short we needed to put together a simple event landing page. There’s a lot of cheap templates out there but everything we looked at was just way too fancy. A lot of animations and style that we didn’t need or particularly want. That stuff just gets in the way most of the time. So finally we ended up writing our own template that’s just fancy enough to look professional. Check out the Live Demo here or see the actual event page here.

As you can tell from the latter example it’s easy to tweak the template with a different color scheme and some different background images to make it unique. The template is fully responsive. We tested it out on a bunch of different browsers, resolutions and devices and it looked good on just about all of them. If you like what you see head over to our GitHub account and grab the template. Reuse our free event landing page commercially and modify it as you fit. We can even offer some free advice on setting it up. Just ask us via email.

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