Unity Workshop Sofia

Agenda and additional info for Unity Workshop Sofia can be found on the event landing page.

Slash Stars sponsored and led a beginners Unity workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over the course of two evening sessions and one full Saturday some 50 attendees learned about making games with Unity.

It’s no secret that the Slash Stars team likes video games. The first ever software project we worked on together was a version of the game Snake. We won’t say how many years ago that was but suffice to say the game was a Java Applet (that’s an old thing people don’t use anymore). A couple of years ago we discovered the Unity Game Engine and were instantly hooked. Here was an engine that gave you all the standard game stuff out-of-the-box (collisions, animations etc) without sacrificing flexibility. We could finally focus on coding actual gameplay rather than rediscovering the wheel.

Long story short: we like Unity. Too bad nobody showed us a proper game engine back when we were writing games with Java Applets, Canvas and WPF (!?!). So we decided we’re going to do just that for some one else. We were going to sponsoring a Unity Workshop in Slash Stars’ hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria.

The workshop started out with lectures on the different aspects of game making with Unity covering a mere 170 slides. Then on Saturday we split the guys in teams of two people and we descended in a full day of hands-on game making. Really great.

Unity Workshop Sofia

Some shout-outs: Sofia Technical University were awesome enough to let us host the event at one of their facilities. The guys from Unity provided some gifts for our attendees. The guys from Sofia Game Jam, Plovdiv Game Jam and Games’ Voiceshop helped us promote it. Thanks guys!

The week after our Unity Workshop Sofia we traveled to Sweden for Unity Workshop Stockholm.

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