Unity Workshop Stockholm

The beginners Unity Workshop Stockholm ended with many awesome, fully playable games.

Unity Workshop Stockholm

Agenda and additional info can be found on the event landing page.

The week after our Unity Workshop Sofia we traveled to Sweden. We led another Unity workshop in Stockholm over the weekend of January 23 – 24, 2016. Around 30 attendees learned how easy it is to make a 2d game from scratch. This time around we knew what to expect and the work proceeded really well. The guys split up in teams of two and got to work. As usual we had a mix of code savvy and not-so-code-savvy people and it was really fulfilling to see the latter overcome their fear of touching code. At the end of the second day some of the teams presented their finished games. That made us feel really proud. The whole thing had a bit of a game jam vibe and accidentally we’re now exploring the idea of sponsoring a game jam as well. Thanks guys, teaching you was a privilege!

Futuregames also covered the event  here.

We tweaked the lesson plan a bit when compared to our Sofia event to focus more on practical work. This can also be seen in the slide deck which got trimmed down from 170 to a mere 140 slides.

Finally let’s give a shout out to our partners who helped make Unity Workshop Stockholm happen!  Futuregames provided the awesome venue for this awesome event. We also got a bunch of help from our friends at Stockholm Game Development Hub. And of course Unity sent us some gifts for our attendees again.

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